Children are inherently curious. For them, every moment of play is a moment to learn about the world. Play nurtures a wide range of skills and prepares children for life.

Children learn best through play

It's how they learn to understand the world and deal with life’s challenges. It helps develop important life skills, from reading, writing and numeracy through to problem-solving, resilience, testing ideas and interacting with others.
Play also brings families together, giving parents and children the chance to learn, grow and have fun together.

Learning through play develops essential skills

Through play, children learn to express and manage their emotions, to solve problems and concentrate, to work as a team and build relationships, and to think creatively. Plus it encourages children to be active, helping them develop physically and encouraging their wellbeing.

Learning through play teaches important skills that make children confident, creative and resilient, equipping them for school and for life. Try our fun activities and you’ll see first-hand how children learn through play at home and in lockdown.


We have created the PLAYLIST- a regularly updated collection of fun learning for kids activities curated by The LEGO Group and LEGO Foundation with the help of play and child development experts. Our goal is simple - To help parents keep kids learning at home and make learning fun so children can do what they do best: learn through play. We know that children who play are happier, smarter and healthier. That’s why we will develop and share newer activities periodically to keep you and your family active, challenged and engaged.

Our Partners

The PLAYLIST has been created through collaboration and a common passion to help children learn through play, to keep kids learning at home and in lockdown and to bring families together. We are grateful to the many partners who contributed amazing activities to bring you fun learning for kids.

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