Art Bots




60+ minutes


Craft material



About this activity

Create a robot that can draw all by itself. This is a cool activity to help boost your concentration and thinking skills.

Required material
  • A paper cup, thin felt tip pens, sticky tape and paper. You’ll also need a battery pack, two AA batteries and an offset motor.
  • You could use an offset motor from a cheap electric brush – it’s what makes the toothbrush vibrate.
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Start by using a little sticky tape to connect the wires on the battery pack to the small metal hooks on the offset motor. Put the batteries in and turn it on to test the connection. If it falls apart, try again using more sticky tape.


Now make your art bot. Using the paper cup as its body, attach felt tip pens with sticky tape to make legs – you’ll need three or four pens so it balances. Make sure the tips of the pens are pointing downwards.


Next, use more tape to attach the motor to the body.


Take the lids off the pens, put your art bot on a large sheet of paper, turn the motor on and watch it draw.


You could try moving the pens about to see what difference it makes. You can also decorate your art bot and even give it a name if you’d like to.

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Too easy?

Give children all the materials they’ll need but don’t tell them how to do it – let them to experiment how to make it work.

Too hard?

Work in a small team to create the art bot together.

Advice for grown-ups