Caterpillar Races




15-30 minutes


Craft material



About this activity

Can you win a caterpillar race? Test out your thinking and concentration skills with this creative activity.

Required material
  • Coloured construction paper or thin card, scissors, marker pens and a straw.
  • If you want to decorate your caterpillar, you’ll need other craft supplies.
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Cut a straight strip of paper or card about an inch wide. You’ll need one strip for each of your caterpillars.


Fold your strip in half and then unfold it. Take the ends and fold them in towards the centre fold, and this time don’t unfold them. Do the same again, and keep folding the ends into the centre until you have segments about an inch wide.


Use the scissors to round the edges of the folded-up body. Make sure you don’t cut the folded parts or your caterpillar will fall apart.


Now unfold your caterpillar. Draw a face on one end. You can decorate the whole body if you like.


Now it’s time to race. Line your caterpillars up and use the straw to nudge or blow your caterpillar forward. Who can reach the finish line first?

How was this activity?

Too easy?

Try making caterpillars in different sizes. Does it change how they move?

Too hard?

Give children pre-cut caterpillars and let them figure out how to make them move.

Advice for grown-ups