The Wind




15-30 minutes


Household material



About this activity

Explore and paint using wind power. This is a great activity for understanding movement and space through sensory skills.

Required material
  • LEGO bricks, dried leaves, pieces of card and paper, tubes (or straws) of different sizes, paint and stones or other small objects.



First, let's think and talk about the wind before using its power. Can you see it? Taste it? How does it feel on your hair, or your skin?


Take a piece of card or a leaf, close your eyes and blow it using wind power.


Now we can see how the wind works on heavier things. Try blowing heavier objects like LEGO bricks or stones to see what happens.


Time to make a wind print. It's easy! Just use a straw to blow paint across paper. You can even trace the shape of objects by blowing the paint round them.

How was this activity?

Too easy?

Make sure there are lots of different objects to blow and to paint around. Older children will be able to blow bigger and heavier objects.

Too hard?

Use less objects, or lighter ones. Allow your children to have the space and freedom to explore the activity for themselves, at their own pace.

Advice for grown-ups