Tic Tac Toe




Under 15 minutes





About this activity

Can you get three counters in a row before your opponent? Have a go with this fun tic tac toe game that boosts social skills, helps children learn to regulate their emotions, and to think flexibly. Set a timer to make your tic tac toe game even trickier.

Required material
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Two sets of three counters in different colours



Draw a grid with nine squares onto the paper.


With counters in front of you, each player takes it in turn to put one of their counters in one of the squares.


The aim is to get a row of three counters in a straight line. Players have to try and get a row of three and also block their opponent from achieving one.


If all the counters are on the grid, take it in turns to move one counter at a time until one player makes a row of three.

How was this activity?

Too easy?

Make the grid bigger with more squares, have more counters and try to reach five in a row, or set a time limit on how long you have to make a move.

Too hard?

Finish the game as soon as both players have placed all their counters on the board and call it a draw if neither have made a row of three.

Advice for grown-ups