Treasure Hunt




30-60 minutes


Craft material



About this activity

Would you like to hunt for hidden treasure? This is a great fun activity that will challenge your problem-solving and communication skills. With lots of different treasure hunt ideas, find the perfect one for every age.

Required material
  • Objects that are easy to hide – toys or balls are ideal.
  • You will also need paper and crayons if you want to make a treasure map.



One player starts by hiding an object. Don’t let anyone else see where you put it!


Now give the other players clues to help them find it. For example, tell them what’s in front of the object, or behind or above it.


Take it in turns to hide an object and give clues.


If you want to set the activity up in advance or make it longer, hide several objects. You could even create posters with a picture of the hidden treasures and include a reward for finding them.

How was this activity?

Too easy?

Instead of giving clues, the person who hid the object could draw a treasure map. To make it even harder, you could turn it into a story about how the object got hidden and include clues to find it.

Too hard?

Work together as a team to find the missing objects.

Advice for grown-ups